Everyone is an Analyst

Everyone is an Analyst

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With HEARTCOUNT, anyone can unlock the power of data.
If you're wondering what HEARTCOUNT is all about, this article is for you. We'll explain what HEARTCOUNT is, how it compares to similar tools, and how it can benefit you and your organization.

Effortless Analytics with HEARTCOUNT

Without the right tools, we risk becoming tools ourselves. HEARTCOUNT empowers ordinary individuals to become the main agents in data utilization. Use its Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) feature to observe data on both macro and micro levels, quickly answering given questions. Its Augmented Analytics feature can automatically uncover structures and patterns in data to improve business metrics.

Personal and Enterprise Versions of HEARTCOUNT

HEARTCOUNT comes in two versions: for individuals and for businesses.

For Individuals: Self-Serve Analytics

  • Free users can access the EDA feature, while paid users can use both EDA and Augmented Analytics.
  • EDA: Analyze at the speed of thought using Excel or CSV files.
    [Watch HEARTCOUNT EDA in Action]
  • Augmented Analytics: A premium feature for paid users, it automatically discovers patterns and presents them in natural language.
    [Watch Augmented Analytics in Action]

For Businesses: BI & Analytics

This product, integrating traditional Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics features, connects to the company's data storage (DB, DW). Create dashboards, and if questions arise about metrics/charts, relevant datasets are automatically linked for EDA and advanced analysis.
[Watch HEARTCOUNT ABI in Action]

For more details on the business product, please refer to the provided PDF.


When validating hypotheses or examining data to form new ones, HEARTCOUNT offers unique EDA and data visualization capabilities.

  • Free Tool and Training: Register with a Google account and use HEARTCOUNT for life, free of charge. We also offer free data education content.
  • Data Security: Data used for EDA stays within the user's browser and disappears once the session ends. No more worries about using cloud-based data analysis tools due to strict internal security policies.
  • Performance: There's no limit to the size of Excel or CSV files for EDA (however, files over 1GB may take some minutes for initial processing). Unlike any other visualization tool, HEARTCOUNT can visualize individual records, revealing patterns that aren't evident in summarized data.
  • Patterns: Automatically process numeric variables into categorical ones for more intuitive visualizations and to identify non-linear patterns.

Just ask your data a question, and useful patterns emerge instantly with Augmented Analytics.

While there's no one-size-fits-all approach to data-based decision-making, seasoned analysts often follow certain methods. Augmented Analytics automates these processes, effortlessly discovering valuable patterns.

  • Automated Pattern Discovery: Exhaustively analyzes all variable combinations to suggest patterns that can improve Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Security: Uses Data Obfuscation technology to upload only obfuscated data to the cloud, ensuring internal data security.
  • Natural Language-based Analysis: Ask in natural language and receive summarized analysis results just as easily.
For a deeper dive into the premium Augmented Analytics feature, click here.

HEARTCOUNT for Businesses: Empowering Operations

With HEARTCOUNT ABI (Analytics & BI), professionals become the masters of data utilization. They gain full ownership of the data workflow, accessing and using data without relying on others.

Democratizing Data Access: Connect to any database or data warehouse.

  • Curated Data Access: Professionals might not always understand database table structures. Our internal DB managers or HEARTCOUNT consultants curate raw data into analytics-friendly datasets. Advanced users can also directly extract data using SQL.

B-to-the-A: While BI lets you see the forest (overview), Analytics lets you examine individual trees (details). HEARTCOUNT ABI combines both for a comprehensive data experience.

For those interested in the reinvention of BI through HEARTCOUNT, click here.

Data Newsletter: Insights Delivered to You

When major KPIs like total sales, average profit, or conversion rates change, HEARTCOUNT automatically identifies the biggest influencers of these changes and sends them to you in a newsletter format. You can then navigate to related dashboards for a visual breakdown of these influencers.

If you need a consultation regarding the product's integration, request a Zoom meeting by clicking here.